Visual Art & Art History



Courses for Non-Majors

FA/VISA 1000 3.0
Critical Issues in the Studio
Introduces students to visual, conceptual and theoretical language as it relates to studio practice. Ideas are examined through various disciplines such as painting, photography, sculpture and digital art. Lectures on contemporary art are supplemented by visiting artists who discuss their art work. Open to non-majors.

FA/VISA 1006 3.0
The Photographic Experience
Offers an introduction to photography practices for non-majors. Basic skills are developed through lectures, tutorials, discussions and group critiques. Aspects of history and theory are explored. Camera required. Students are responsible for all costs associated with image creation and production. Course credit exclusions: FA/VISA 1006 6.00; FA/VISA 2060 6.00 (formerly FA/VISA 1060 6.00. Not open to VISA majors.

FA/ARTH 1900 3.0
Art in the City
Introduces non-majors to art issues, practices, and research through an examination of the multifaceted art scene in Toronto. Explores the relationship between the cultural history of the city and the present art scene. Not open to Visual Arts Majors.

FA/ARTH 2340 3.0
The Art of Asia
Provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the art and architecture of East Asia explores a wide range of representations from artifacts and artworks to popular media and the built-environment. Discussions focus on issues of identity formation, political ethics, religious authorities, the nation-state, modernity, colonialism, and race/gender relations. Open to non-majors. Course Credit Exclusion: FA/VISA 2340 6.0.

FA/ARTH 2390 3.0
African Art
Examines the arts of sub-Saharan Africa from a variety of media (sculpture, painting, architecture, performance, photography and personal decoration) and social contexts (initiation, religious ceremony, political and royal institutions, domestic arenas, cross-cultural exchanges, colonialism, post-colonialism and the international art world). Artistic production is presented primarily by culture group to facilitate comparative analysis around common themes.

FA/ARTH 2620 6.0
Modern Art: 1750 to the Present
Provides a survey of modern art and Western visual culture from the mid-18th century to the present, with emphasis on European and North American developments in art and architecture.